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THE old Byzantine churchj now Phenere Isa Mesjedi3 in the valley of the Lycus, to the south of the mosque of Sultan Mehemedj should be identified as the church of the Theotokos of Lips, although the Patriarch Constantius,1 Scarlatus Byzantius and Paspates2 identify that church with Demirjilar Mesjedi, a building which lay to the east of the mosque of Sultan Mehemedj but fell in the earthquake of 1904. According to the writers just citeds Phener6 Isa Mesjedi is the church of the Theotokos Panachrantos which appears in connection with certain incidents in the history of the Patriarch Veccus. In this view there is a curious mingling of truth and error. For, as a matter of fact, Constantinople did possess a church dedicated to the Panachrantos which had no connection with the monastery of Lips. But that church was not the building in the valley of the Lycus ; it stood in the immediate vicinity of S. Sophia. Furthermore, while it is certain that there was in the city a church of the Panachrantos which had nothing whatever to do with the monastery of Lips, it is equally true that the sanctuary attached to that monastery was also dedicated to the Theotokos under the same style. In other words, Phener6 Isa Mesjedi was the sanctuary attached to the monastery
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